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Did You Know

There are 28 bones in the foot.
A podiatrist typically has eight years of education (four undergrad, four podiatry school), the same number of years of education an MD requires.
The initial symptoms of diabetes and Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) can often begin in the feet.
Chiropody was the original field of foot care before Podiatry evolved.
Growing pains on a consistent basis are not considered a normal finding for children.
Uneven wear of shoes can be caused by mechanical abnormalities (ie. Pronation)
Shoe sizes in adults can increase in length and width as the years progress.
There are 7 schools of Podiatry in the U.S.
Warts are causes by a virus, which is why they can be difficult to resolve.
Neuropathy has a number of different causes, not just diabetes.
Many foot deformities are inherited.
Our patient ages have ranged from eight months to 102 years of age.
The top of the foot is called the dorsal surface and the bottom is the plantar surface.
There are a number of “extra” bones (called accessory bones) that commonly are found in patient’s feet.

Toenail changes are not caused only by fungus involvement.
Most bones of the feet do not completely ossify (closed growth plates) until the teen years.
Longer 2nd toes than the “big toe” is a common finding
High arches in children can sometimes be a sign of neurological diseases.
Athlete’s foot is caused by a fungus and can affect people of all ages and activity levels.

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